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2nd Provisionally Selected Merit List of (Open Merit) Applicants – DPT – Session 2023-24Click Here!
1st Provisionally Selected Merit List of (Open Merit) Applicants – MIT – Session 2023-24Click Here!
1st Provisionally Selected Merit List of (Open Merit) Applicants – DPT – Session 2023-24Click Here!
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About Us

SCHOOL OF ALLIED HEALTH SCIENCES was established as a distinctive department in 2018 and is the leading provider of digital and blended education nationally, currently offering two programs i.e., DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy) and MIT (Medical Imaging Technology) but we are eager to start other programs as well in near future, awaiting construction of our new separate building which is underway. The School was established with a perspective to produce professionals with ethical and high moral values. CMH is devoted to nurture and impart quality education with raising character and personality of the new generation.

School of Allied Health Sciences is affilated with University of Health Sciences, Lahore and registered with Allied Health Professionals Council, Pakistan. It is an integral part of the CMH Academic Health System which integrates academia and research with healthcare providing a unique channel of hallmark in patient care, education and professionalism.

Our passion for enhancing access to education, mobilizing the collective knowledge and expertise of the organization is the key to transform lives around the world and buckle down to the global challenges of the future. School of Allied Health Science is endeavoring for international affiliations that will open new avenues for our graduates.



As the Director SAHS, CMH Lahore Medical College & Institute of Dentistry, I welcome you to our School of Allied Health Sciences. We are currently running 2 × Programs i.e., Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) and Medical Imaging Technology (MIT). Strengthening our programs through our faculty and students while serving the developing world is our priority. Our Mission is to evolve a reputable Institution that is dedicated to the development of human capabilities by proclaiming knowledge on the fundamental principles of constitution, access, impact and pertinence. We are bestowing our resources with the intention to provide the Allied Health Personnel for promoting health in the society. To pick-up a professional study program can be a confounding task. We have developed and tailored the current programs and curriculum to meet the International Standards for our students. Each program provides extensive practical, conceptual and clinical knowledge to accomplish future goals. Our quality of teaching and professionalism is top rated, faculty is highly trained & qualified and are effortlessly reachable regarding any queries and concerns. Additionally, our degree and courses are recognized nationally & internationally to pursue your dreams after graduation. We are also endeavoring hard to get International Affiliation to benefit our graduates. I wish you the best for becoming a part of SAHS in a journey of professionalism and success in future.


  • Impart high quality education to our undergraduate students.
  • Encourage independent thoughts obsessed with critical thinking and analysis.
  • Create skillful, competent and confident graduates who prosper in their professional carriers.
  • Equip students from diverse background with knowledge, skill and attitude required to become ideal professionals.
  • Focus our strategy on an ambitious academic vision for the modern era.
  • Produce professionals who are instinctively active in research, non-judgmental, honest and anti-discriminatory.
  • Promote all the latest and innovative developments in the field of health sciences for improving healthcare practices.