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Dr Sajid Zaheer Bhatti


Experience & Activities

  • He graduated as a Medical Doctor from Allama Iqbal Medical College in 1983.
  • He has served as Medical Officer in the Department of Health Punjab for ten years.
  • He has completed his Post Graduation and Professional Training from UK.
  • He did his Primary FRCS in 1987 but changed his career to Rehabilitation Medicine in the United Kingdom.
  • He has worked in the National Health Services, UK for over 25 years out of which more than 20 years as a Rehab Physician, before returning to Pakistan.
  • He is Primarily a Rehabilitation Physician (Neurological and Physical) and is currently posted as Coordinator Clinical Training and Faculty Development, at the School of Allied Health Sciences, CHM Lahore Medical College and IOD, Lahore.
  • He also holds two Postgraduate Diplomas:
    • Clinical Gait Analysis and
    • Lower Limb Prosthetic Biomechanics.
  • He is very keen in teaching and has over ten years’ Experience of Formal Teaching in the Medical Field.
  • He is a Medical Illustrator and has interest in Medical Etymology.
  • He is a Poet and Writer (Published).