Ms. Shakeela Rasheed

Senior Lecturer and Coordinator

Experience & Activities

  • She completed her graduation in Medical Imaging Technology from the School of Allied Health Sciences, Children’s Hospital Lahore affiliated with UHS in 2016.
  • She completed her Post Graduation in Medical Imaging Technology from the University of Lahore, in 2019.
  • She completed her Certification in Health Profession Education from Lahore Garrison University in 2022.
  • She has more than 5 years of clinical and teaching experience in various reputed tertiary care hospitals and universities including Children’s hospital Lahore, Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore General Hospital, Inmol Hospital, Gulab Devi Hospital, Punjab Institute of Cardiology and the University of Lahore.
  • She is currently supervising the subject “Research Project” of more than 30 students of medical Imaging Doctors (UOL).
  • She is appointed as a regular paper assessor, paper setter, paper audit officer, and external examiner of Medical Imaging Technology at the University of Health Sciences, Lahore.
  • She has presented Oral and Poster Presentations in different medical conferences and seminars. She secured 2ndPosition at International Conference on “Bridging the Gaps between Medicine and Allied Health Sciences: Improving Patient Care Outcomes” at University of Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan in year 2016.
  • She is also a Member of the Society of Medical Imaging Pakistan.