Dr Ali Asad Naeem

Senior Demonstrator

Experience & Activities

  • He graduated from University of Lahore.
  • He has 5 × years of Clinical and Teaching Experience in Physiotherapy.
  • He completed his House Job from Lahore General Hospital and started his PGD in Cosmetology.
  • He completed his Certification in Health Professional Education from Lahore Garrison University in 2022.
  • He is a Core Committee Member of CMH Mentorship Program & CMH Social Media Society.
  • He completed his 2 × years Training in the Field of Cosmetology from Halifax, Canada.
  • He received training from Institute of Medical Aesthetics (IMA) Dubai, UAE that is certified by Dubai Healthcare Authority.
  • He is also a Certified PMU Artist and has learnt the Art of Micropigmentation and Trico pigmentation.
  • He has got Training Certificate from UK based Aesthetic Company.




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