Dr Amirah Zafar

Assistant Professor

Experience & Activities


  • She graduated From School of Allied Health Sciences, Children Hospital Lahore in 2013.
  • She completed her Post Graduation from University of Health Sciences in 2016.
  • She has more than 8 years of experience in Physiotherapy.
  • There are 10 research papers which are published in national and international journals.
  • She has attended many workshops and Seminars to update her knowledge.
  • She is working as a Mentor in CMH Mentorship Training Programme.
  • She has completed her Certification in Health Profession from Lahore Garrison University in 2022.
  • Working as a Reviewer of National and International Journals since 2021.


  1. Comparison of effectiveness of isometric exercises with and without stretching exercises in non-specific cervical pain. Original Article, Int J Physiother. Vol 3(3), 371-375, June (2016).
  2. Effect of pelvic floor muscle exercises on urinary incontinence in diabetic women. Original Article, Int J Physiother. Vol 3(3), 351- 354, June (2016).
  3. Effect of Scapular Mobilization with or without Isometric Exercise of Serratus Anterior in Type 1 Scapular Dysfunction: A Randomized Control Trial. Original article published in J Nov Physiother 2020, ISSN 2165-7025, vol 10:424.
  4. Effect of Spinal Manual Therapy in Blood pressure and Heart rate in Upper back pain. Original article published in J Pain Relief 2020, ISSN: 2167-0846, vol 9(4) page 356.
  5. Prevalence of non-specific Neck Pain among surgeons in different hospitals of Lahore. Original article published in American Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing Practice 2021, ISSN 2520-4017, vol 6(2), page 42 – 47.
  6. Combined role of Mammography and Ultrasonography in the detection of breast lump Original Article Published in IAJPS, Vol.08, Issue 09, pp 135-139, 2022.
  7. Prevalence of cervical pain in make-up artists and hair dressers of Lahore. Original Article Published in PJMHS.
  8. Effectiveness of Maitland and Mulligan Mobilization in Cervical Radiculopathy Patients. Original article published in Pakistan Bio-Medical Journal 2022, vol 5(2).
  9. The effects of Aerobic Exercises on pain in patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. Original article published in Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences, Vol.16 No.04 2022.
  10. Patient Satisfaction referred to Physical therapy after one week of Management of Mechanical Low Back pain. Original Article Published in Pakistan Biomedical Journal 5 No.04.2022, page 118-121


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